Large geodetic program system for professional use.


  • native Windows universal app for phone, tablet and PC (buy once for use on all devices), tested and available also for Windows 10
  • Languages: English, Deutsch



  • central 3D point management, project management
  • log of all input, calculations and results as plain text
  • settings (persistent)
  • interactive map
  • georeferenced registering of objects by using the navigation function of the device (mobile and tablet PC with GPS)


Geodetic Calculations

  • offset point, foot of a perpendicular
  • radial measurements, stake out
  • stationing by junction point or azimuth
  • free stationing (using 2-5 connecting points)
  • strut, direction angle
  • section circle-circle, circle-line, line-line
  • lines can be rotated and may have an offset


  • batter board
  • missing line
  • resection, intersection
  • area calculation (also with arcs as borders)
  • dip stick
  • considering curvature of the earth and refraction
  • lots of individual settings on coordinate systems (angle direction, angle base…)
  • angle units (GRAD, DEG, DMS)


To generate a demo project, see GeodCalc's info page


If you need an additional language, just let me know. I’ll send you an excel sheet with the english and german text and you translate it to your language. Send it back to me and I will update GeodCalc2 without any charge or any costs for you and for me.


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