data transfer

Data transfer between GC2-projects and from / to DXF-files

Application example: Download the Black Forest sample project, save it to your device and open it in GeodCalc2.

Start the data transfer from the project page.

Export points and land parcels in a DXF file. If you leave the name of the layer blank, default names are used for it, that begin with "GeodCalc_". The exported DXF file of the example is here.

Open the DXF file in your CAD system and make some new constructions.

In the example there were 2 buildings drawn on the "Buildings" layer and descriptive texts are added on the layer "Infotext" in the CAD. Save this new drawing as a DXF file. You will find a sample file here. Save the DXF file for example under the name project-CAD.dxf.

Design in the CAD system

Select the DXF Format and activate the import of texts and lines. Specify the names of the layer from which lines and texts should be read (Buildings and Infotext). If you leave the Layer names blank, the data are read from all existing layers.

Start the data transfer in GeodCalc2 again to take over the new content in your project

Imported CAD construction

You will find here the complete export as GC2.


Additional notes:

* If you specify layer names for points for data import, this layer not used at the same time for the import of texts.

* The same applies to land parcels and lines. Therefore, you can leave the Layer names empty for text or lines, without getting double points or plots.

* Layer names are ignored when exchanging data between GC2 files.

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