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Project settings, Map, Map settings

The project settings can be opened using the button of the appbar.

The most options are self-explanatory.


Important: only when the project setting for the Geodetic Datum is set to "ETRS89 / WGS84 / UTM" the project map is drawn in the correct position.

Otherwise, the map is drawn in the Barents Sea.

The settings for the map can be reached from the menu below the map.

Select the items to be presented in the map. Here also the appearance for points can be selected (circles or pushpins).

Learn more about the map


* The usual gestures for zooming and panning are available.

* Click / tap on a point, a parcel label or a text opens a dialog to change the item.

* Tip: If points are close to a label, the wrong item is often selected. Enlarge the area then strongly out or hide the items you don't want to modify in the maps settings.

* You can use the button "Me" to represent your own position. To do so, the location service in the device settings and the GeodCalc2 settings must be enabled.

* Click on the Icon on the map and save your location as a new Point in the central Point list or as a new text.

* Click on an empty position on the map to store a new point or text.

* The standard maps are available (road, aerial)

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