Project: start an new, open existing

Start a new Project, open an existing, info page

1. open an existing project or create a new using the + button. When you create a new project, the name of the project file can be changed on the phone app using the ... -menu of the file picker.

Project page with the demo project open.

2. all buttons of the project page are now active. If an existing file is opened, in the Windows app the Project is drawn on the map. The "Map" button must be pressed in the phone app.

Start your calculations by clicking on the large Start button with the arrow.


When you open a new project, you must first enter points before you can start the calculations. You can add points to the Project manually, or by transferring data from other GC2 projects or DXF files from CAD systems.

New Project with empty Point list

Examples of GC2 projects can be downloaded on this site. On the app's info page, you can create a demo project.You can reach the Info page through the "?" button on the project page.

Info pages with important information and the buttons to create a demo project.


To do this, click the button, save the project to the device and open it then as described under Topic 1.

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